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Richard Burns Rally: Плагин RBR FixUp. Версия 1.7
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Richard Burns Rally: Плагин RBR FixUp. Версия 1.7

Плагин RBR FixUp избавляет игру Richard Burns Rally от самых серьёзных её недостатков и устраняет множество известных ошибок.

Увеличен размер звукового буфера, что устраняет появление ошибок связанных с переполнением буфера и вылетом игры, расширены стандартные диалоги для сохранения и загрузки настроек, теперь в распоряжении игроков до 127 слотов с настройками, исправлено соотношение сторон изображения для широкоформатных дисплеев, появилась возможность использовать Alt+Tab в игре для переключения между окнами и многое другое.

Для установки плагина нужно распаковать файл FixUp.dll в папку Plugins. После первого запуска игры плагин создает файл конфигурации FixUp.ini, который можно настроить по своему усмотрению. Для более подробной инструкции читайте ReadMe.FixUp.txt.

Оригинальный список исправлений и улучшений.

I. Sound buffer fix
The internal sound buffer is too small to hold the sound data to be played, e.g. front end music, service park music, pace note calls etc. From time to time this buffer is filled with more data than initially allocated so memory located right after this buffer gets corrupted. Depending on which object or data is located in the corrupted memory region more or less strange things may happen, e.g. crashes or freezes.

So, this is where the patch applies. It convinces RBR to use a bigger buffer, large enough to hold the sound data.

II. RBRDLL pace note editor and plugin loading fix
a) The pace note editor has some hard-coded values checking the stage number. So only stages having numbers in the standard RBR range could be edited. Generally this should be no problem, but as RBRDLL does not handle the out-of-range stages correctly (Message: Error loading pace notes...) there are crashes when loading the next stage. Here an internally allocated buffer is freed twice which may work from time to time but often leads to crashes. This patch removes that limitation and as a result, the related crashes.

b) On some machines starting the game via RBRDLL.exe may fail if the tournament plugin RBRTM is installed due to some anti-cheat protection in the plugin's initialization routine.
This patch fixes RBR's plugin loading routine to bypass RBRDLL's interference so plugins are being loaded correctly again.

III. Setup slots and setup naming
The original RBR has a limit of 3 setup slots and restricts the name of a setup to 10 characters.
This patch enhances the number of setup slots to 127 and allows for a setup name to be 31 characters.
The dialogs to select or save a setup respectively have been enhanced to show 10 setups at once.

IV. Replay lists and replay naming
The original RBR limited the name of a replay to 13 characters.
This patch allows for the replay name to be entered when saving to be 31 characters in length.
The replay list dialog has been enhanced to show 20 replays at once, the name column is much wider than before.

V. Service park
Due to an error in the implementation the 'Manager Advice' in the service park didn't work as expected. Also the number of mechanics wasn't taken into account properly. This patch fixes these problems.

VI. Aspect Ratio (Widescreen Support)
The original RBR uses a fixed 4:3 aspect ratio for drawing. On widescreen hardware the objects drawn on screen get distorted due to the aspect ratio being 16:9 or 16:10 (actually XRes / YRes).
This patch fixes the aspect ratio being used for drawing to be XRes / YRes.
Note: the dialogs (game menues) still get distorted, no proper way (and no need) to fix that.
This fix may be disabled if you'd like to use other programs to fix the aspect ratio (see "Configuration" in the readme file).

VII. Fullscreen Window
When running RBR in fullscreen mode the game uses the entire screen to draw on, but you can't switch back to the desktop without screwing up the game.
When running RBR in windowed mode you always get the window decorations (titlebar, menu icon, close button etc) surrounding the window, but would be able to switch to another application.
This patch allows you to run RBR in fullscreen windowed mode without the annoying window decorations. Switching to another application is then possible.
To use this new mode you have to configure "Fullscreen=false" in RichardBurnsRally.ini.
This fix may be disabled if you'd like to use other programs to run in windowed mode (see "Configuration" in the readme file).

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